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derivative portfolio management

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We don’t find anything painful in the painstaking. In fact, we love it. So we thoroughly dissect before we thoughtfully direct.


We’re one of only a few true derivatives specialists in the country.

Traditional asset managers seldom offer derivative solutions, as they require highly specialised skills and an onerous set-up process. At Khumo, we have both the infrastructure and expertise to provide listed and over-the-counter derivatives solutions.

Derivatives are more flexible and can be precisely customised to work for each client’s specific needs and objectives. They can also be more efficient and effective than traditional long-only investing – for example, they enable you to build in protection while still providing attractive upside exposure, and allow you to overlay your existing portfolios rather than having to divest.


We have one of the largest over-the-counter derivatives books in Africa. Over time, all our stakeholders have become familiar with our model. Long-standing relationships have built enormous goodwill and trust, enabling us to access and, in turn, offer excellent terms.

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