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fixed income and credit


Creating superb, bespoke solutions comes from sweating the small stuff. So we get into fine, fastidious detail, analysing comprehensively and considering completely.


Our approach is careful and comprehensive. While every client’s objective – and therefore every solution – is different, our process is consistent.

Honed and sharpened over years, our investment approach always includes responsible and thorough screening, evaluation, engagement, execution and on-going management.

We go deep and detailed. For example, our credit investment process combines both bottom-up credit evaluation and top-down interest rate and duration analysis.

Staying true to our principles and process has, on occasion, led us to decline apparently attractive opportunities, taking alternative approaches to achieving our clients’ objectives, and we’ve later been vindicated for those decisions.


Our unique position and experience in the market enable us to achieve investments and leverage economies of scale on your behalf. And our specialist expertise helps us to extract exceptional return and cost efficiencies. That industry knowledge extends to aiding your compliance and performance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

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